The 3 Colors of Your Spirituality (Titel auf Englisch)

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This groundbreaking book will help you identify which of 9 spiritual styles is your “spiritual mother tongue”: the sensory, rational, doctrinal, Scripture-driven, sharing, ascetic, enthusiastic, mystical, or sacramental style. Discovering one‘s spiritual style is key to developing an authentic relationship to God that releases genuine spiritual passion. It is the way in which each of us relates most naturally to God. As a second step, the author demonstrates how the interaction with the very styles that presently may appear strange to us, leads us directly to spiritual maturity. The popular Spiritual Style Test is included in the book.

Your 3 main benefits:

1. Discover your personal “antenna to God”

2. Learn how to constructively interact with people of other spiritualities

3. Increase the level of spiritual passion in your whole church

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